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Vanatoo Connectivity

Vanatoo connects to many different devices. This is one of the features of the Vanatoo Speakers that makes them great for any situation. Learn more about how to connect by visiting our Connect page

Vanatoo Speaker Supported Devices



Digital Coax



Apple Airport Express (wireless) Note 1
Apple iMac
Apple iPad
Apple iPhone

Apple iPod

Apple Mac Mini

Apple Mac Pro
Apple Macbook Air
Apple Macbook Pro
Apple TV (wireless)
DLNA Device (wireless)
iPod Docking Stations
MP3 Docking Stations
MP3 Player
PC Desktop Note 2 Note 2
PC Laptop
Pure i20
Sirius XM Tabletop Internet Radio
Sonos Connect
Tabletop Radio

Note 1:  Vanatoo recommends Airport Express Model No A1264. Newer models of the Airport Express have audio

   dropouts with the optical connection (although the analog connection tends to work well).

Note 2:  Some PC's have optical digital and/or coax digital outputs.  Consult your PC manual for details.