"I own a small home studio and have been recording music for years. I had the opportunity to try out these speakers as near field monitors and keyboard practice speakers. These compact speakers put out plenty of sound and some thought was put into the design as far as audio connections are concerned, making them versatile in most applications.

I tried them out with my Mackie 8-Buss mixer and found them very nice for near field monitoring with a directional sweet spot. I also used them as practice speakers, hooking them up to a variety of synthesizers, an analog Roland Juno 6, a digital Roland JV90 and a digital Yamaha Motif XS workstation. The highs are crisp, and the mids and lows were represented well with some adjustment on the rear panel. Those who want a little more low end can connect up a subwoofer bass unit.

A great find considering the price and features."

- Paul G.
Seattle, Wa

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