5.0 out of 5 stars Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Speakers - Standouts in a Crowded Field, April 15, 2014

I searched and compared specs and reviews on several speakers in this class, for a long time before choosing the Vanatoo Transparent Ones. I've had these speakers for about 24 hours now. I initially used an optical cable to go from my computer to the speakers. It is very important to change the stock speaker in Windows to disable, and to enable the new speakers as well as to open up the frequency and bit depth options. These items can easily and quickly be done by going into your control panel and then to sounds.

I currently have over 1,000 Hi-Res music files on my computer (mostly ALAC managed by JRiver 19). For the first songs to play on the new speakers, I chose the Eagles "I Can't Tell You Why" and Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" - the Eagles song is 192 kHz/24 bit depth and the Gershwin is 176 kHz/24 bit depth. The sound from the speakers was remarkable and surrounded me - the bass was pleasantly surprising. It's like listening to and discovering music for the first time. Today, I used a second connection means - an RCA to Mini plug to connect my turntable to the speakers. I chose my favorite album of all time, "Aja" by Steely Dan, for the first direct connection turntable to speaker test. My turntable is a Pro-Ject Debut Carbon USB. I used the Cisco re-mastered version of Aja. The sound was amazingly clear, precise and neutral, with again surprising bass.

The connection options to the speaker are numerous. The only thing that I could suggest would be to have the volume control on the front.

The company website is very helpful, and the customer service is great - I received quick emailed answers to a few questions I had, during the weekend, from one of the two company founders!!

Bottom Line - Great speakers at a reasonable price. The Vanatoo Transparent One speaker is the result of two talented and dedicated engineers following their great passion, without bean-counters interfering. Best speakers under $750 - $1,000. The market place should embrace and support products such as this one.

- Russ. H
Livermore, CA

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