5.0 out of 5 stars great little speakers, March 23, 2014

I'm just an average joe who reads a lot of reviews about products without ever writing any! I was in the market for a Bluetooth speaker to stream music from my phone-computer, I narrowed it down to klipsch kmc ($400) and the polk audio Woodbourne which was around $700. somewhere along the reading of reviews from various sites, cnet made a recommendation to check out bookshelf speakers instead of spending $400 dollar plus for a single Bluetooth system. I'm no audiophile but someone who just wanted decent sound for a respectable price. Long story short it came down to KEF x300a and the vanatoo t1's, both had great reviews but the KEFS where just a little to much then I wanted to spend plus the t1's had more options to connect to various devices so I choose the t1's. I'm more then satisfied with the purchase, they look and sound great even at high volume with no distortion, the bass is aplenty for my ears.I hooked up with avantree roxa 4.0 Bluetooth receiver and within seconds I had streaming music. I never did get a chance to listen to the polk audio Woodbourne but did listen to the klipsch kmc 3 and in comparison the t1's sound way better IMO. Just to add, portability was not an issue just the sound quality, The klipsch is great for that. I highly recommend these speakers!

- Dennis J.
Hawthorne, NJ

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