5.0 out of 5 stars Very Impressed!, February 18, 2014

I have had a set of these speakers for many months now and even though I rarely write reviews, I thought these deserved attention. If you aren't familiar with the brand Vanatoo, it's probably because they are a relatively new company in the market when compared to bigger name brands. I can tell you I am a researcher especially when it comes to $500+ speakers. After countless hours on end I decided to give these a try. I particularly have the cherry finished ones, which look AMAZINGLY classy in our dining area, blending well with our particular furniture and decor.

I'm glad I did! I listen to all sorts of music, think Top 100 billboard kind of guy. Hip-Hop, Rock, Electronic, Pop, Cassical (everything except for country lol). I have put all sorts of music through these speakers. The clarity and range of these speakers are amazing. I have these set up in our Kitchen/Dining room and stream music to them via an Apple express (AirPlay), I did use a bluetooth adapter and while it will sound good, bluetooth's compression (no matter the speaker) will hinder some performance.

I LOVE playing music through these speakers. I compared many single speaker systems from Klipsch, Peachtree, and other stereo set ups such as Emotivs, etc. Vanatoo had ALL the features I wanted, variety of connectivity options, internally powered (requiring no external amp), audiophile quality, and most of all (for me) good bass. While these won't replace a good separate sub (which you can add to these), the bass they produce sounds amazing for the size of speakers. Many guests ask me where I placed the sub! They blew many other speakers out of the water! Are there better speakers and more bass? Sure but they are either more expensive and much bigger. The design of these speakers are amazing and the smaller compact size is even more amazing consider the loudness and sound quality they produce. They can be used as desktop speakers but they can certainly fill a large room.

A 3 year warranty, 30-day audition period, and two owners dedicated to producing great speakers... get em! On a minor side note, I did have to crank the bass gain all the way up on the speakers to get the bass I wanted (I do like heavy CLEAN bass), however, even with the bass gain all the way up, I have yet to hear ANY distortion even at higher levels.

- Chris D.
Ashburn, VA

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