5.0 out of 5 stars Search for the Holy Grail of Speaker systems, October 19, 2013

I've done my homework when deciding to go for these Vanatoo T1's. I've considered may other speaker setups from Audio Engine A5+'s, KEF X300A, etc. I originally had a set of Razer Mako THX slot drive speakers for my computer and they simply failed. I actually thought the Razer Mako's sounded great until I opened my ears to other options on the market. The only good thing I have to say about the Razer is the imaging of Omnidirectional speakers are unique in their own style and truly fill a room with sound all while avoiding sweetspots of trational speaker design. They were not clean sounding in comparison to other speakers i've mentioned. In fact, they are poor by comparision. The Razer Mako's are "good enough" for those who don't have a trained ear, and they simply are limited to analog inputs only!

The A5's are great overall for the money, but really doesn't compare to the T1's. I almost pulled the trigger and bought a set of Audioengine A5+ due to the bang for the buck. I was introduced to the Vanatoo's from a friend and am soooooo glad I had a chance to hear them first. A5+ is good all around, but these Vanatoo's kick butt in comparison. The Bass of a T1 really can't be matched with any other speaker in it's class. These T1's sound way better than speakers double or triple in price.

The KEF X300A are great as well, but they are over priced and personally I didn't like the sound imaging as much as the T1's. The simply don't have all the inputs the T1's have and the bass response is not as tight and clean IMHO. The bass response from the T1's is very clean, tight and distinctly better than all speakers i've heard in this size/class/type of speaker. The KEF's really look good I must say, and that's really their strongest point in my opinion...thats sad to say. The T1's aren't exactly ugly, but they definitely don't attract much attention either. They have a simple clean design.

The T1's don't have enough bass for a complete spectrum of sound in a small room IMHO. Don't misunderstand, in no way is this a bad thing. These already push the limits of a speaker of this size, in fact your jaw will drop when you hear/feel the bass out of these things. No speaker of this size can push bass at levels around 20-30hz and do it properly. A subwoofer is needed indeed to achieve that gut moving bass notes. I opted to get a Definitive SuperCube 2000 to fill out the low end sound for my computer. I don't have a lot of space, and the DTSC2000 is compact and tiny. I chose to use a LifaTec SilaFlex Toslink cable from my HT Omega Claro+ sound card, and Blue Jeans Cable Co Subwoofer cable to the Definitive SuperCube2000, Also I replaced the T1's speaker cables with a Mediabridge Ultra Series Pure Copper w/banana ends. Overall i'm so satisfied with this setup I can't begin to explain how happy I am. Sound is alive and heard in a new light.

Details in my music come out that i've never noticed before, Its so obvious of a change/improvement It's worth writing a review to boast the quality of these Vanatoo T1's. You simply cannot go wrong with the purchase of them, they are perfect for a wide range of uses from computer gaming, HIFI, music and reference monitors. The bass is impressive from these little guys, but I still recommend a subwoofer if you really like the body moving wall shaking type bass. These T1's do get a bit of stuff shaking I have to admit, w/o rubber feet they will vibrate off the desktop! lol

Last note I have to mention is the customer service of Vanatoo. I had a chat with Rick @ Vanatoo before I received my Vanatoo's and had a ton of questions to pick his brain about. He was a very nice guy that answered all my questions and even gave me his direct # to call him for any other questions that may come up. He's very knowledgeable about audio as a whole and these speakers are living proof of his passion to audio. These are the Holy Grail of speakers IMHO.

I will recommend these speakers with two thumbs up!

- Tim C.
Bothell, WA

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