5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing speakers. Perfect for my application. Massively exceeded expectations., August 17, 2013

I love this product! The sound quality is brilliant. The speakers perfectly fill my living room in my small apartment and bring color and texture to every note of music that is played through them!

I am no audiophile, but I do love music and think I can tell good speakers from bad. I bought these to replace a Bose 3*2*1 system. These speakers sound so much more clear and detailed than the Bose system, and with so much less wire clutter!

These bring my music to life. The music sounds so real and organic, the sound has texture. The bass from these small speakers is amazing. Clear and clean all the way down to 50hz. Really amazing for their size.

I have been using these speakers for a little over a month now. I purchased them because I wanted to bring hi-fi sound to my HTPC set up. These are perfect for my small apartment. I connect them directly from my motherboard's optical out. Extremely simple set up. The speakers even look great. I also occasionally use an analog in for other devices. The speaker's built in pre-amp automatically switch to whichever device is making noise! Amazing!

One last thing to mention is that the company, Vanatoo, was more than willing to provide personal support via email on multiple occasions. Truly feel like they take pride in their product and want their customers to be satisfied. They make only one product, and they do it right.

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone wanting a simple 2.0 stereo set up using a limited number of sources. Don't spend $1000 buying an integrated amp/bookshelf speakers. The vanatoo transparent one's will out perform any comparable set up. I expect that the price of these will increase soon due to their incredible quality, so buy soon! They are incredible; you won't regret it!

- Jeffrey F
Reno, NV

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