5.0 out of 5 stars Incredible sound in a small package, July 10, 2013

Over the years, I grew tired of my stereo system. The quality of the sound (TEAC) was good, but so many cables everywhere. And it was taking a lot of room. When i felt the need to de-clutter a couple of years ago, I purchased a Bose iphone dock. sound was good. but flat. and not really filling the room. I needed something better, and since I have a full apple setup (macs, iphones, ipads, airport wifi networks) I saw an opportunity to go wireless (using Airplay so I don't have to plug the source to the system)
After some hours of research, I decided that iphone docks (Airplay or not) wouldn't really do a good job, so I moved towards powered speakers. looked at the Audio Engine A5+; listened to them at B&H and was not convinced. Looked at the Paradigm A2 Shift: eye catching design, interesting features (daisy chain 3 speakers) but the review on sound quality was not that convincing and that is when I saw some comments about the quality of the Vanatoo Speakers (the Vanatoo didn't appear in my search before).
Decided to go with the Vanatoo with an Airport Express to stream music via Airplay from my iphones, ipads, etc..(more on this later)

I received my Vanatoo a few days ago and I am delighted. Just now realize what I have been missing all that time with my Bose dock: great sound precision and clarity. Not only these speakers are extremely versatile (plug any source to it... they have the input for it!) but the Bass are also very impressive, no need to plug a separate subwoofer (supported though).

2 important things to consider:

  • I found the quality of the sound much better when using the Optical input then when using analog input (analog is still really good though but a little heavy on the bass)
  • WATCH OUT FOR THE AIRPORT EXPRESS Digital output! when using the Airplay via the Airport express, the music drops constantly. it is a known problem by Apple and they really need to fix it. So, instead of the Airport Express i strongly recommend using an Apple TV (same $99 price) which works perfectly!

Good job Vanatoo

- Fred B.
New York, NY

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