5.0 out of 5 stars Like opening the door in Oz, June 25, 2013

I listen to classical music from the terabyte+ of MP3s I have saved (VBR rates up to 224 Kbps), while sitting at my computer desk. The speakers are placed at the places where they fit.

It's a small room, maybe 13 feet square.

I've been listening to Logitech Z-2300s and they were OK. Small room, three feet from my head. Subwoofer.

I thought.

The Vanatoo T1s are several orders of magnitude above any other small speakers I've heard. This is a totally different experience. Everything I've been listening to before seems like I heard it through a pillow. (I'm not sure I've heard anything better, anywhere.)

A pro: they are profanitying amazing!!! I turned off the equalizer in itunes and everything I've listened to is so clear and distinct. I feel like I'm in Bach geek heaven. I've sampled orchestral, choral, arias, piano, harpsichord, organ and side 2 of Abbey Road.

A con: They cost $500

A pro: They only cost $500!

I haven't even burnt these things in yet, It's just been 4 or 5 hours.

If $500 won't make you skip your kid's doctor appointment, then you should get these if you like to listen to music at your computer (or anywhere, but these seem designed for a small situation) and want to experience music that is more intimate and clear than if you were wearing top of the line earphones, without the drawbacks of earphones.

They seem perfect. They are just 10" tall. How can sound like that come of of a 10" tall box? I might try plugging in a subwoofer, but so far it seems unnecessary.

$500 was more than I would normally spend on something like this, but they are absolutely worth it.

I am having a hard time writing coherently because I am hearing Mozart as I've never heard it. Jeez. These are fantastic.

Thank you Vanatoo for the big grin I will be wearing for quite a while.

UPDATE (July 2, 2013): It's been one whole week. They are still fabulous. Best speakers I've ever had. Seriously, if you have the money and you listen to music at your desk, get these speakers. They will sound better than you thought possible. Completely worth the money.

UPDATE (Feb 9, 2014): Nothing new to report. I don't post a lot of reviews on Amazon. But I LOVE THESE SPEAKERS! Every time I listen to them I am reminded of how happy they make me. If you have speakers attached to your computer and you listen to music on them, buy these speakers! I can't think of anything I have ever bought that has been so clearly better than an alternative. Why did I update this? Because if my review can get one person to buy these, I know that I will have done a good deed. BTW, still no subwoofer, because I don't have the room under my desk for a decent subwoofer and it doesn't seem necessary. (Mozart don't need no stinking subwoofer.)

- Stephen K.
Bayside, NY

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