5.0 out of 5 stars Vanatoos or Audioengine A5?, March 17, 2013

I have just spent 4 weeks auditioning a pair of Vanatoo Transparent Ones. Just couldn't do the financial stretch to keep them!

Right now I have in my possession a pair of Audioengine a5s hooked up to a Firestone Audio Fubar 2 DAC+supplier (It had to happen as my wife was bemoaning the removal of the Vanatoos.) It is so interesting to compare them.

The AEs are physically bigger and noticeably so;

AE bass sounds a little forced and flubby compared to the tightness of the Vs, despite the bigger cab;

The AE's do not have the connection flexibility of the Vs;

Definition is not as good on the AE despite a decent outboard DAC;

Now we are getting subjective but AE sounds like a good big computer speaker whereas the V is a veritable Hi-fi speaker. It really is night and day.

When we can, we will get the Vanatoos and keep them.


Well, in mid April 2013, we finally gave in and got the Vanatoos. The AEs are now in our son's room. He is pleased but we are delighted!

- Anthony L.
West Seattle, WA

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