5.0 out of 5 stars The best audio investment you'll make this year..., January 25, 2013

I heard about Vanatoo from a friend of a friend while researching Sonos wireless music systems. I was looking for a way to wirelessly stream music from a number of devices (e.g., several home computers, iPhone, iTouch, etc.) that would be relatively simple to setup and use. Wow, am I impressed with the Transparent Ones!

As other reviewers mention, the overall sound quality is awesome for such a small package. You don't need to be an audiophile to recongize the difference in clarity and range compared to other desktop or bookshelf speakers. The Transparent Ones do an impressive job of handling different types of music - pretty much everything my friends, wife and kids could throw at them - at normal to moderately high volume levels, and with just minimal tweaking of the treble and base controls on the back of the speakers.

Wirelessly streaming music is simple with the addition of an Apple AirPort Express - just plug it in to the AC out on the Transparent Ones - and you can stream music wirelessly from your computer, iTouch, iPad, iPhone, or from any online source. I listen to Pandora daily in my office, and it's never sounded better.

The speakers themselves are small enough to be portable, and Vanatoo provides a sturdy box for transporting them (the addition of handles would be nice). I recently took them to our cabin over the holidays, and all our guests were amazed at the sound they produced - while they all fought for control of the iTouch to select the next song! (The same reaction I had the first time I saw a Sonos system).

Even if you already have Sonos, the Vanatoo Transparent Ones are a nice upgrade to the Sonos speaker offerings, and you can use them to support additional rooms. And if you are looking to implement wireless streaming in a very straightforward way, the Vanatoo Transparent Ones along with an Apple AirPort Express are a great value.

- Shawn H
Woodinville, WA

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