5.0 out of 5 stars Best. Speakers. EVER!!!, November 21, 2012

Yes folks, music is a way of art, and in turn should be played through speakers that do not hold compromise when it comes to sound quality. On a tight budget, this can be achieved with 4-6ft tall floor speakers that cost half as much (and are UGLY!), but while talking about a "way of art", you must never forget about the way your room is decorated...

I am a minimalist. I do not want to buy a set of hi-fi speakers, a DAC, an amplifier, yadda yadda yadda. I want my room to have a clean minimalistic look, and not have to have a power strip to accommodate for all the audio crap an audiophile would typically have. These speakers are hooked up to my iMac via USB, and my airport express through fiber optic. Airplay is lossless and sounds gorgeous, and gaming is....just awesome. I don't even use an additional subwoofer, and I'm more than happy with the bass levels.

My brother is an audiophile, and I am an IT guy. We bash heads so very much. I argue that one should not have to have so many components, just to play high quality sound, and my brother disagrees. This set of speakers is where the two of us agree on something.

More importantly, MY WIFE even approves of these speakers. She doesn't care about sound quality, she cares about looks. These speakers are small (for the sound they put out), and the cherrywood finish matches the rest of our house to a tee.

So there you have it...these speakers have been given two thumbs up by myself (an IT guy), my brother (a professional musician and audiophile), and my wife (need I say more).

Buy these speakers now. You're welcome.

- Ryan O.
Elkridge, MD

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