Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews

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small footprint and clear as a bell

5.0 rating
November 27, 2019

i’m no “audiophile” in the pejorative sense of the term as someone who is foolish enough to spend hundreds of dollars on simple RCA type interconnects, but i am fussy about sound quality, and have owned some decent gear. Played some flacs on the Transparent Zero speakers, and they are extremely clean sounding, differentiating between instruments very well, and their imaging is also excellent. you hear the voice as if the singer was in front of you and the instruments as they were recorded. i replaced some Grace Digital BT speakers with these and, while those produced higher volume, the quality of the sound of the Vanatoos is much better. i have used it with the USB connection as well as with an external USB amplifier from my laptop (because my laptop does not put out much volume) that then connects with a 3.5 mm male-to-male. i haven’t listened enough to notice a difference between the two types of connections.

Keith Forbes

Vanatoo Transparent Zero

5.0 rating
November 15, 2019

First time I heard this speaker was from the NY Audio Show 2019, and I was amazed by the highly capable, highly articulate upper mid bass, the fabulous sonic image, the lush highs that don’t bleed your ears.. When this small mighty team up with a 10 inch Speedwoofer from RSL ( Rogers Sound Lab ) at the show really impressed me, and I just ordered the same combination and had it all setup within few days. I can pretty much sum up this speaker like this.. “You can get the $10k Sound from this $800 combo, and you will have the ultimate desktop speaker..
All my HD FLAC files sent through the USB cable sound amazing.. Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” kicks you in the chest, Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” made my dishes danced, Jesse Cook’s “Cancion Triste” – sweet yet sad guitars/cello will draw tears from your heart.
The image is big and wide.. reminds me of my Martin Logan’s large image.. I am still amazed by how this little pair can accomplish this trick.
I have tried out many different genres of music, and spent over 3 hours listening to all the details, and articulate kicking thumping bass lines. The speaker came with a 4 inch passive radiator, and the Transparent Zero really shines. This passive radiator really adds weight and authority to all the percussive sound and I can tell you from my 15 years of playing drums, the bass and drum sound are pretty convincing.
This little speaker pair has many inputs connectors for your needs. It can take in Blu-tooth, RCA, mini headphone jacks, Fiber, USB, so if you are looking for a small but highly capable powered speaker that also comes with internal DACs.. and don’t want to spend a fortune.. then look no further.


You'll Never Want to Leave Your Desk!

5.0 rating
November 9, 2019

These Transparent Zero’s are absolutely fantastic and I’m in love with them! I read several positive reviews & bit the bullet with the anticipation of experiencing audio nirvana. I went ahead and ordered a subwoofer to go along with them. I wasn’t as picky about the quality of sub that was necessary to match the Vanatoos, so I got the Polk Audio PSW10…choosing value over performance in that department.
The speaker box is packaged inside a shipping box, and when I opened the shipping box, I was shocked at how compact the actual speaker box was. I immediately pulled everything out and set the speakers up on my desk with a USB connection to my computer & tuned in to Sirius XM streaming content.
I felt like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” getting a Red Ryder carbine action two-hundred shot range model air rifle! My dream was about to come true! I pressed play expecting immediate gratification. What I got was…meh. Yes, “meh.” I experienced every emotion from anger to disappointment to sadness & regret. What was wrong?! Then I remembered that I could manually adjust bass & treble…and I could also tweak my Windows 10 sound properties. After a few bumps to the bass & treble…Whoa! Excitement! Awe! Joy! Disbelief!
These speakers are…! I was speechless. I wanted to tell all of my friends and family. They HAVE to experience these things. The clarity, the imaging, the sound stage, the bass! The Bass? I never hooked up the subwoofer! I went through another round of emotions…why did I get this stupid subwoofer? I don’t even need it! Crap! I waited 3 days to hook it up while I considered sending it back. In a moment of weakness…I plugged it in to see what the full system would sound like. OMG! Nope, I’m not sending anything back…the experience got even BETTER! The Vanatoos sensed the subwoofer and a second or two later, they got LOUDER and the subwoofer took over the job of pushing out bass that, like voting for Pedro, made all of my wildest dreams come true.
Good luck prying me away from my desk now. I feel like I need to listen to every song I’ve ever listened to in my entire life allll over again. I’m hearing minor details that, for some reason, make all the difference between a good song and a great listening experience. Like what? Like hearing someone’s breath in a moment of silence in a track. Like distinctly hearing the “Tih, Tih, Tih, Tih” of the drumstick lightly tapping on a cymbal. Like hearing the 3-dimensional space of vocalists and instruments. You wanna hear something fun? Listen to “Time>Breathe Reprise>” by Greensky Bluegrass. (They’re on Spotify) You’re welcome!
I can’t say enough about these speakers. When you get them, tweak the levels to your preference then prepare to get pulled into the experience like a tractor beam from the Death Star…Death by Vanatoos? Yes, please!

Vito Gambino

Accidental Audiophile

5.0 rating
September 26, 2019

Originally three years ago when searching for a good pair of headphones for CS:GO I bought a pair of Audio-Technica headphones. I didn’t realize it then, but this purchase turned me into an audiophile. Recently I changed offices and could fit a pair of speakers on my desk, which sent me to find the best value speakers available. Through a myriad reviews and trying out other reference speakers like the JBL LSR305’s, I came across the Vanatoo Transparent Zero’s. The sound on these blew me away and the connectivity is top notch. If you are looking for a pair of sleek, functional, multifarious, audiophile speakers – look no further. Save yourself the time and energy by making the right choice the first time with these speakers.


Want simplicity, and quality? Look no further.

5.0 rating
September 8, 2019

If you’ve seen some of the video reviews on these, you already know these speak for themselves. At this price range (and honestly even over $1,000) for this form factor and size. You’re getting something I can barely rationalize. Only now are companies starting to offer something somewhat similar to what these are capable of. The amount of convenience and creature comforts offered here are simply wonderful. The connectivity options alone sell these speakers. And for anyone looking to get great audio without the rabbit hole of amps, dacs, pre amps, and all the requirements that comes with getting and having the capacity for such setups.
I love the enclosed cabinet, and the bass that is produced as a result, and by extension it makes the dedicated Subwoofer-out connection almost redundant for people like me living in a New York City apartment.
The DSP options in place do a nice job of keeping the speaker tamed to avoid damage to the drivers when really pushing these to/and beyond their limits. But for those who want to take such risks, such settings can be disabled and you can go out and tinker to your preference.
It’s very perplexing to try and pigeon-hole these speakers to a specific use-set. When in fact you can use them for critical listening when set up properly. Or basic living room TV watching, the quality of sound is there, and (again) the ease of use also is there to facilitate laymen use. On a side note, anyone even remotely considering getting a sound-bar should avoid them at all costs. Not really because they’re all terrible (compared to these, they pretty much are though), but the fact these exist at such a price – soundbars have almost no place in the living room provided you have a few feet of space to place these on the sides of a television.
One bonus is the easy grill on-and-off magnetic mechanism. Very useful for those times you want them to not stand out, but taking the grill off, and you’re greeted with a very attractive contemporary look. Oh and the remote control is perfect in my opinion. Feels nice and has all the controls I need right there (really good job with that).
The experience of these now makes me want to spring for their desktop Transparent Zero speakers to replace a bunch of useless desktop speakers from years ago.


I heard Vanatoo speakers at a Chicago audio show about three years ago. I, my grandpa, father-in-law, and friend thought those were among the best sounding speakers at the show. I can't recall the name of the other speakers in their top five, but Vanatoo was one of them. That should say something. I wish I could afford a few pairs of Vanatoo powered speakers for my computer and living room, among other places. Just not the time in my life to spend that money (I'm poor). When the time comes, I'm buying Vanatoo. Side note: I'm not a fan that your web page isn't secured (https). I'm a stickler about that.
- Jon

100% Satisfied!
All I was shopping for was a decent pair of speakers for my computer. I really didn't know what to buy, so I started doing research. A LOT of research. In the end, I ended up purchasing the Zanatoo Transparent Zeros. Seriously sweet sound! Now, I am no audiophile. So, I am unqualified to speak to specifics. But classical music is a large part of my life, and the Zanatoos reproduce it faithfully. Full and rich. I couldn't be happier.
- Michael M.

T1 review
Outstanding product, especially at this price point. I use them as my primary set of speakers in my living room. I love being able to connect them to the TV, my laptop, and my phone interchangeably. The look and the size look great for the room. They fulfill 99% of my listening tastes. Occasionally at high volumes, trumpets and French horns will clip, and boomy synth bass will exceed the power of the onboard subs. I may buy the additional subwoofer at some point, but am truly extremely satisfied with the speakers without it.
- Etienne M.

Vanatoo Transparent 1 and Sub
I could go on but I'll make it brief - bought a pair of Vanatoo1's -liked the sound -I used to sell hi end systems, son is a musician - i'm old, he's got an ear. We both loved them immediately - asked for advice on a sub. Gary emailed me back directly. Found an bargain without equal. - Awesome sound for a meagre price. -wish The Absolute Sound was still around. 5 star for the price - absolutely no regrets
- Ted B.

Transparent Zero - Astounding Speakers
I first saw these speakers in action at the RMAF in 2017. In a show full of multi-figure-dollared hi-fi systems, these caught my attention so much so that I returned home and ordered a pair the next day.They have punch and clarity and resolution that rival equipment far more expensive. I am looking forward to integrating a sub, which these are set up to easily accomplish, but certainly don't feel like anything is missing by using them solo. I spend a lot of time working at my computer, and it's great to have some real, and real affordable, audio coming at me while doing so. And yes, I am listening to them at this very moment.
- Barry

Vanatoo One
I attended the New York Audio Show to listen to Reference Monitor Speakers for my tube amp. As I walked past the Vanatoo room, the sound drew me in. I listened for 30 minutes. I could not believe what I was hearing from these smallish speaker. The tone, imagining were spot on. The bass was very impressive, the sound filled the room. Long story short, I plunked down the cash and bought them on sight. At first I hooked them as computer monitors. They were spooky how they imaged, the voices seemed to coming from the screen. They later made it down to my beach house and sound beautiful on their stands. They are very versatile. Bluetooth, digital inputs and housing the amps and DAC all built in. I went to the show to buy $10,000 speakers and came home with The Ones. I've never looked back! Side note I did buying $8,700 monitor speakers. I enjoy The Ones as much as my much more expensive speakers. Order them and you won't be disappointed!
- Brian C.

Exceptional Sound
I heard a demo of the Transparent Zero at the RMAF in October 2017. They sounded very clear and packed quite a punch for such small enclosures. I bought a pair for our rental home so our guests will be able to enjoy great music just by connecting their mobile phones or tablets. We've never had any decent sound there before but now, thanks to Vanatoo, it sounds absolutely fantastic!
- Don V.

Incredable sound on a budget
As a member of the DC HiFi group I had the pleasure of going to the Capital Audiofest where I had the pleasure to audition them. After hearing them, I purchased them. I think they sound great and offer so much in the way of flexibility to connect to various sources, they are hard to beat. Build quality is very high. Did I mention they actually sound good? Very musical. They may be the cheapest entry into high end sound out there. If you are looking for smaller self powered speakers that can also be portable, you owe it to yourself to try these. Highly recommend.
- Dave L.

Great Speakers
Bought my first set of Vanatoo's about 6 years ago and they blew me away with their great sound and incredible bass. Ordered a second set 2 days before Christmas for the kids to use with their video games. Received a call from the President of the company who offered to deliver them in person so the kids would have them before Christmas, which he did. Great company. Incredible speakers.
- James M.

Vanatoo Transparent Zeros — Terrific
A lot of people out in consumer land never get to hear a “stereo” as good as the T0s. Their musical presentation is very clear and pleasing, and terrific for the cost. Their soundstaging and imaging abilities are outstanding. They are darn powerful for their size. Great in any small or medium room to stream any music source. But be aware—if you feed them a compressed stream like Spotify or iTunes, you won’t hear them at their best. Feed them CD-quality like Tidal or plug in a DVD player with a digital cord and they will really sing. Or plug in that old turntable if it has a phono preamp. Buy some for the shop, computer desk, or kitchen. Buy some for kids in college or a hapless relative. They are better than you expect or hope!
- David S.

My Favorite Speakers & Great Technical Support
I've had these for about 2 1/2 years now. I wanted some self-powered speakers that I could use with iOS AirPlay in my bedroom that would sound better than your average bluetooth speaker system. I spent a fair amount of time researching and I kept coming back to Vanatoo because of their features are unlike anything else I found. I am just overjoyed at the sound quality from these speakers. Their bass response is way beyond what I would expect from small bookshelf speakers. The sound is just about perfect for a small space like a bedroom or office. I can't recommend these enough. The only issue I had was with trying to use an Apple Airport Express WiFi access point as the AirPlay receiver. The Airport Express has a optical digital audio connector (mini-TOSLink) and I wanted to use that to connect AirPlay to the speakers but I kept on getting drop-outs on the audio. I recently upgraded my home WiFi and wasn't having drop-out issues on my main living room stereo system so I knew it wasn't a WiFi issue. I contacted Vanatoo support and they had unfortunately bad news, the latest version of Apple's Airport Express has serious issues with the the optical out. I verified this through some searching on Apple's support pages and confirmed that the drop-outs only occurred using the TOSLink connector. An analog connection worked without any issues. I was also advised that Apple's older Airport Express didn't have these problems. I actually had an old Airport Express in a drawer and trying it out, sure enough the drop-outs went away. Kudos to Vanatoo's support for the help. Thanks for the great technical support. So I wanted to wait for a decent amount of time to listen to these wonderful speakers and give them time to break-in before posting a review. Over time, my favorable opinion has just increased. If these speakers are in your price range and you are looking for a very high-tech powered speaker system, I give these the highest recommendation.
- James B.

In spite of positive reviews I was shocked at how good these sound.
First, my setup. I have these in an approx. 11.5' by 10' office. I have them on speaker stands (the glass and metal ones from Monoprice) the rear height of the stand is 23.5" and the front height is just over 24", so the speakers are angled slightly up. The speakers are 11" from the wall toward the center of the room and 12" away on the outside, so the speakers are angled slightly inward. The left speaker is 16" from the wall to the left, and the right speaker has a doorway to the right. I have the speakers pulled all the way forward on the stands to avoid reflection off the glass stand. The source is currently an Echo (more on sources later) and Spotify Premium using a high quality 3.5mm stereo cable with extra shielding. There is no hiss or hum at full volume. I have the volume on the speaker set to roughly 75% - the marker is parallel with the floor, the bass is all the way up, and the treble is set to about 60%. My listening position is behind my desk, facing the speakers, exactly centered, the rear wall is about 2' behind me. You might get the idea that I'm annoyed by boundary reinforcement... OK. First thing I noticed is the soundstage of these is nothing less than amazing, I mean not quite as good as $2000 electrostatics, but really excellent. For example,"Great Gig in the Sky", the vocals come from the center of the room, and you can place the individual drums. On "Money" the change and cash register sounds come from distinct left and right, but the bass and vocals come from the center of the room, Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No 2 is immersive. The sound is extremely "tight" for 2 way speaker - meaning that there appears to be no slurring of the highs, the bass is not boomy or sloppy - you hear every detail of the music - things that you miss on other speakers - I can't really explain it better than to say the music sounds more "real". The speakers are also very well balanced - they are not warm, nor are they bright. The bass is accurate - (more on this is a bit). "Money For Nothing" sounds simply incredible on these - there's a lot going on in that song, and it's all distinctly audible. "I Robot" is fantastic. Regarding inputs, I have used Airport Express over optical, Chromecast Audio over optical, and the Echo via analog. It seems weird, but the imaging seems much better with the analog than the optical - I put this down to the Chromecast, and/or the source, not the speaker - I have no explanation for it. One of the amazing things is that than there is no hiss at all from these when there is no input. It's dead silent, unlike my Denon amp - with no input at high volume settings a little his is audible. I assume this is due the class d amplifies and how the signal is amplified - it's black magic to me, but the speakers don't get warm, and they only make the sounds you tell them to make. Regarding bass - these speakers seem to roll of starting about 50 Hz, and while the bass is completely accurate, and sounds great, I think I could use a little more (my wife in the next office, however, would disagree - the common wall is the one the passive radiators face 😉 The bass these make is amazing for speakers that are 10" tall, but I will be testing out a subwoofer in the not too distant future. For my 10 by 11 office these are more than loud enough, but they are not quite loud enough to serve as main drivers in my 16 by 28 living room with valued ceilings. (I do wish Vanatoo would consider making some Transparent Two speakers with about 180 watts) These speakers have lots of pros, and no real cons to speak of, particularly for small speakers. If I was forced to pick a con, I would suggest that the blue power light on the rear of the speaker is too bright. Maybe a dimmer amber or red LED would be better... If you are considering Sonos, or something like that, consider these and something like Echo Dots or other device. There is literally no valid comparison between these and ANY Sonos speaker, and these give my buddy's Totem Signature One speakers a run for their money in even category except volume and a little low end, but then again those are about 3 times bigger and 4 times the price. And you need an amp. Don't even think about Audioengine speakers or any thing like that. Try these - you won't be sorry.
- Craig J.

Transparent Zero
Very happy with my purchase. I got them for my desk after hesitating with other bigger alternatives. The all-in-one setup, as well as the size of the T0 saves tons of space but the sound is still superb and amaze people every time as they didn't expect this quality and amount of sound out of them (just play "Money for nothing" on these...:-). For those who wonder, like I did, they got recognized right away and properly when connected to my PC running Linux Mint 18.3. Very happy with my purchase and definitely recommend them. Thanks.
- Jfr

Fantastic for all the jobs they were meant for
I have had my Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers for a few months now and, I think, I have spent enough time getting to know them to give a decent review. A quick summary: 5/5 stars because they are great at what I use them for, namely near-field listening connected to a laptop. What are they good at? - As a 2.0 or 2.1 near-field system they are fantastic. I find putting my head nearly in-between them (as you might do while using them on either side of a computer monitor) produces some of the most "holographic" stereo sound I've ever heard. That is the sound-stage, when near-field, is unbelievably deep and realistic. I find I can easily place the locations of instruments and singers on acoustic recordings and have great fun hearing where sounds were placed on more engineered electronic songs. This only gets better when you add a sub. Don't get me wrong, the T0's do sound great without a separate sub, but the bass, while accurate, still lacks weight. With a sub every recording sounds better and acoustic recordings get those deep room reverberations that make you feel like you are in the space they were recorded. - As a 1.0 (single speaker) take-along system the T0 is also amazing. This is a way of using the T0's that I didn't think I would care about. Who, I wondered, would want a 1.0 speaker with bluetooth? Well when you're painting a bedroom or doing construction on a bathroom (as I've found myself doing since purchasing these) it's nice to take one speaker to the room and connect wirelessly to your phone. I tried taking the pair up to one bedroom, but it was cumbersome by comparison and, while working, I didn't really appreciate the audio any more in stereo than I did with the solid sounding mono from the 1.0 configuration. - As someone with sensitive ears, especially in the high-range of sound, I find the smooth and clear tweeters on the T0's to be ideal. They reach way up there, but are never shrill while doing it. - As a small speaker I didn't think the bass would be as present as it is, but I can easily say the bass sounds correct. That is never over-bearing, muffled, or lacking in tone. It is clear, controlled, and smooth. It's just a little lacking weight (as I mentioned before), making bass-heavy tracks feel less solid. Easily solved using the built-in sub-out. - For vocals, male and female, these speakers truly shine. I've found myself tearing-up at emotional vocals. Something I only seem to really have when I'm hearing them on clean speakers or headphones. - For piano (acoustic or electronic) the mid-bass really shines and accurately reproduces the resonating tones of a good piano. What are they bad at? - Ok this isn't fair because they aren't really "bad" at anything. Take these points with a grain of salt. - In contrast to the near-field experience with the huge and clearly defined space, if you sit just a couple feet back the experience becomes pointedly less holographic. Now that's not horrible, and they still sound very "stereo" just not "whoa is this surround sound?" levels like they are in near-field. I think part of that is because the sound from the sealed radiators blends-in to the foreground once you are not in a position to hear a little bit of the division between the sound coming from the speakers and that being echoed to the rear by the radiators. I found this to be the case when I flipped them over (just trying things out) and noticed the sound immediately lost depth (at least on my desk) with the radiators pointed downwards. - They are very loud, and do not distort, but their small size can't be overcome completely by the tech packed into them. Being small is something I don't really notice near-field, but if i crank them to listen to in a larger room or just in my house in general (it's a very open concept 2200 ft 2-story with 20 ft ceilings) the lack of weight behind the bass becomes very noticeable. Another point towards adding a sub-woofer to the mix. Main uses: - I use them as (the best ever) computer speakers, in a room where I do a lot of work and have a lot of listening time. They don't fatigue me at all, even after hours of listening. - A great alternative to a sound-bar. They provide much better sound than any sound-bar I've heard and with blue-tooth connectivity can do double-duty working with your phone or other device. - Nice as a once-in-a-while take it with you 1.0 system. I don't believe they are durable enough to frequently throw in a trunk and head to the beach, but for those times when you're working in the garage or painting a bedroom they come in quite handy and still sound fantastic. Sounds best: - In normal configuration (radiator up, flat on the desk) a few inches to a foot away from the wall on a not-too-solid desk (or on the floor oddly) with a sub-woofer blended-in and pointed towards you and the T0's with zero toe-in. Head nearly between them. Sounds worst: - Right on top of the wall, on a solid bit of furniture, on the other side of the room, with no sub. They almost sound flat in this configuration, which I believe is where some of the bad reviews have come from. I mean if you take your solid bookshelf speaker system that sounds great when you have it across the room on a serious bit of furniture with it toed-in to make a "sweet-spot" and replace it with the T0's you're not going to get the best sound. If, instead, you just slap them next to a laptop on a desk or table with you end up with the amazing sound so many people have reported enjoying. I hope this review helps others find these fantastic speakers!
- Gary V.

Simply Awesome after 2 years - no regrets!
I'm 50 and a long time lover of car audio, home theater and what I call "desktop audio" I was reading my home theater magazine winter of 2016 when I saw a quick article about the Vanatoo Transparent One. I said that's what I'm looking for. 5 1/4 driver and passive radiator, bass and treble control with sub out. Never heard of Vanatoo but I'm not afraid to try new stuff. Ordered them along with a Cerwin Vega XD8s subwoofer. I've had them 2 years and super love them. I have an expensive 5.2 home theater set up with an external amp, dual subs and tower speakers. I'd listen to my Vanatoo for music any day over my HT set up. They produce excellent bass on their own. I use the subwoofer with them if I want extra bass at low volume or room bumping bass at high volume. Listen to me. 2 years later I love my Transparent One's. They are excellent for desktop audio. What the DSP does is push the detail forward ( bass, vocals, treble ) at the right mix at all volumes. The simple clarity is what makes the difference.
- Mark

Vanatoo, the sound solution to high fidelity on the go
After attending Axpona 2017 and listening to the folks at Vanatoo and their then newly announced Transparent Zero's, I knew I had found the answer to my biggest challenge, how to achieve quality stereo audio in a reasonable to go package. I ordered a set of their Transparent Zero's on line, and a few days later I was auditioning my new speakers. These speakers are as quality of a product as I have every purchased, the audio quality is fantastic, I heard nuances coming from these speakers (in stereo mind you) that I had not heard from my other (mono) travel speakers. Sure, these speakers take a little more to get up and running due to the stereo effect, but that is a minor inconvenience for the increased quality in sonic sound. To make my travel speakers even better, I converted an old RCA VHS camcorder travel case into my "briefcase full of blues" travel case for my Zero's and now going on the road with high fidelity is no problem. Pro's: Excellent stereo sound, great imaging, at a very reasonable price. Con's: You do need power and you need to connect the speakers with cable, however, as stated above, I'm willing to put up with these minor issues for better sound quality while on the road.
- Bob B.

Transparent Zero
This last summer I built my own desktop. One of my close friends told me about the Vanatoo t0 and more recently I had the money to invest in these speakers and I am not disappointed. Since I first started listening to them I knew I made the right choice, the sound quality is excellent.
- Dakota T.

Happy distant customer of Zero's
Hi Gary and Rick, it's a pleasure to review as well as to be owner of these special speakers! Immediately after reading a review in noaudiophile,com i decided to get a pair. With the help of a delivery company to Bulgaria i placed a preorder and in the beginning of May i received the compact and well organised package. From then on i am enjoying almost continuously the sound an the look of the Zero's. I am listening mostly classical, instrumental and jazz. Tried the speakers on a desk as well as on stands. My preference is for stand mounting, limiters off, flat response, not toed. As source - mostly USB from a Raspberry/Volumio or Optical from Raspberry/Hi-Fi Berry Digi and Synology NAS/Minimserver. Nice sound - balanced and with authority. Small disadvantages are they run hot (the acive of course) and slight lack of shine in the highs, only compared to much more expensive gear. Thank's for a great product and looking for news from your side - Ivan, Sofia, Bulgaria
- Ivan T.

Transparent Zero,Beyond phenomenal.
First off, Customer Service of this company is 11 out of 10. Shipping was very fast, & the packaging made sure my speaker's made the journey safely ! Very easy to set-up,quality construction. As for performance these things are BEYOND PHENOMENAL ! Had them for about a month & have thoroughly enjoyed the VANATOO experiance. I have been around quality speaker's most of my life,grew up listening to my dad's MARANTZ/TEAC setup. Although I do not consider myself an audiophile,just someone who enjoys quality sound reproduction. I hope other's enjoy these amazing speaker's as much as I do.
- Toby A.

A very successful project by vanatoo
Let me first say, these transparent zero’s are so good, I sold my emotive studio monitors! I am giving these speakers every fair chance possible by using them in a small room with proper sound treatment, positioning, and mounting, just like studio monitors. I don’t monitor audio or do any work with audio, I just enjoy great sound. I know why I love these speakers so much. The large tweeters with the low crossover point provides resolution and imaging to the sound. Pair that with small woofers that can produce over 7kHz but cross them over way too low also adds to the incredible midrange and vocal resolution and instrument separation. These are not particularly expensive or special speakers, but what has been done here is truly impressive. Vanatoo brought together the perfect recipie to provide high resolution flat sound using decent quality capable components. These speakers show a true effort and attention to detail to bring affordable and functional high end audio to the mass market. There isn’t much competition in the market to compare these speakers against, and making DIY speakers to rival these would be nearly impossible, especially at the price. These speakers are a work of art combining economics, logistics, technology, design, and attention to detail where it matters.
- Zack

One of the very best
I use the Vanatoo Transparent One & can confirm they are one of the best desktop-type PC speakers in their price range. You can tell by looking at the speakers they were designed & built with great care & pride. What matters most to me however is how well they sound, & on this front, I can say they are excellent. As an owner of Bowers & Wilkins, REL & Dynaudio speakers costing many times more than these, the One's hold their ground & more. How do they generate such great & clean sound from such a small package? Perhaps it is the combination of the built-in amp & DAC? I had a pair shipped to Australia (they don't sell them here) & it needs an external power transformer for them to work. Apart from this annoyance, these are great.
- Ed

One set is not enough
Bought one set years ago on the advice of an audiophile friend who was spot on. Bought a second set for my kids a year later and it was personally delivered by the president of the company just before Christmas. Both sets have functioned perfectly. They are truly amazing. Give them a try, you have nothing to lose.
- James M.

Vanatoo transparent zero! Great speakers!
I swapped out my very large 8" monitors for these to save desk space. At first I was nervous I would lose the clarity but I was wrong. These sound amazing and im glad I gave them a try. You wont be disappointed.
- Paul

Vanatoo T1's
I couldn't be happier with the Vanatoo T1's that I purchased off of Amazon almost a year ago. They are fantastic at sound fidelity, very warm and rich. Again, could not be happier and will definitely be looking at Vanatoo for speakers in the future.
- Von F.

Vanatoo Transparent Zero Best $350.00 Audio Buy
I have the Vanatoo Transparent Zero in a nearfield computer desktop setup in my bedroom since i purchased a pair back in September .. Prioor to the Vanatooss the speakers i've used in my computer setup have been first the Acoustic Energy Aego 2 sub/sat system, i had for 8 years, this was followed for the last several years with the Audio Engine A2 amplifed loudspeaker. . Both these speakers I felt were a cut above most speaker systems for nearfield use. That was until I came across the "Vanatoo Transparent Zero" amplified loudspeakers. The Vanatoo's are similar in size to audio engine brand stepup model HD3, but design wise, that's about all that's similar. Compared to the competition at this price point $350.00/pair, the Vanatoos utilizes design and components, found usually on much higher priced speakers. It uses a 1 inch soft dome tweeter, 4 inch aluminum midrange/bass driver, coupled with a passive radiator, in an acoustic suspension sealed enclosure for more accurate bass response.The speaker is bi amplified with 48 watts into 4 channels to power each tweeter and woofer individually. Even the cable to connect the slave speaker, is unique , instead of speaker wire, it utilizes a special 10 pin cable. Sound quality is very subjective, , but there is just something "special and magical" when listening to my music with these Vanatoos. They have laser like pinpoint imaging, so good, that on certain recordings one is able to hear the illusionary effect of a 3 dimensional soundstage. Due to the robust biamplified design, coupled with the sealed acoustic suspension design of the cabinets, these speakers really are able to produce a more full bodied, musical presentation, compared to speakers i've heard in this price range. , Bass notes for such a small speaker, is very tight, and not boomy, Treble, is very clear, midrange voices and instruments are spot on. In fact writing this review, this instant Bobby Darin and his orchestra is literally in front of me . sounding so real and alive, with the orchestra to the back and sides, and Mr. Darin, dead center, and slightly forward , in marvelous voice.. Anyway, I've rambled on for too long a time as it is. I have "no" affliliation with "Vanatoo", I'm just a customer who bought the speakers. I've spoken to Rick and Gary, two of the owners in Washington numerous times, prior to deciding to puchase the speakers. They;re both great to deal with, and are very knowledgeable about their product. For $350/pair i consider iit the best audio buy ii've ever made in terms of price and performance for my money. Great job Vanatoo!!.
- Bill Q.

Impressive desktop speakers
Transparent Zero's were easy to set up, right out of the box. I am using the analog input and the USB input with great results. The equalization to my subwoofer is spectacular, better than I could set manually. These are very capable, easy speakers to use with tons of functionality for the money. The sound quality is as good as you can get from this size speaker--will not disappoint.
- Mark S.

Vanatoo transparent zero speakers
I replaced my older Kilipsch pro media speakers with the tansparent Zero speakers that i use for my desk top computer. I also added a powered subwoofer to enhance the bass. Well it plays so clear and no distortion when I am playing music. I am very pleased with my Transparent Zero speakers and tell evey one about them. I look foward to your next product release.
- John B.

Let them break in it's worth the wait.
I ordered my Vanatoo T1s online brand new in the box. Setting them up was a breeze, connect them together with the supplied speaker wire, plug in the powered unit, supply an input, and you have sound. I used rolls of toilet paper as stands until my isoACOUSTICS ISO-L8R155 stands came in. I used the longer posts, supplied with the stands, to get them to ear level while sitting on my desk. I tried several positions and orientations until I settled on spacing them out until my head, in my typical seating position, was at the point of the "golden equilateral triangle", with the speakers sitting at the opposing triangle points. I set the stands up to support the speakers in a level position and pointed directly at ears. They sounded good out of the box on my desk, better on the toilet paper rolls, even better on the proper stands. What happened next put a bigger smile on my face each day. I left the speakers playing each day, when I went to work. I would pick an album with decent bass, and set it on repeat. After about a month I would say they are now broken in, and every time I listen to them they surprise and impress me with how the bass has improved from new. As I said, they sounded good out of the box, but over time the bass has dramatically improved. If you've bought a pair, let them break in, it's worth the wait. I have only one complaint. I feed them with an optical cable, out on my iMac. I used the Audio MIDI Setup app, in the Applications Utilities folder, to set the Built-in Output to 96000.0 Hz and 2ch-24bit Integer. I keep the volume slider in iTunes at maximum, to avoid any software resampling that might affect the original audio file's resolution. What this means is I have to adjust the volume of the speakers with the knob on the back of the powered unit. I would dearly love one of two things, a remote to adjust volume, or a knob on the front of the speaker. I wouldn't mind and probably prefer a wired remote that plugs into the back of the powered unit, like a Bose puck. I have a question. Where in the signal path does the volume knob on the back of the Vanatoo reside? Is it a digital control that affects the DACs analog conversion, or is it a post DAC attenuator of the analog signal sent to the amp? Overall, I love these things, they sound great, they make me smile every time I listen to them, and I don't hesitate to recommend them.
- Dan C.

Awesome little speakers
I have a pair of Vanatoo Transparent Zero, and all I can say id, they're better than they have any right to. They are very neutral, no glaring peaks or boosting in any of the frequencies. Bass is accurate & tight, with decent extension for the size. The mids are clear and easily understood without getting sibilant, and the highs are well represented if not the most airy and detailed. Certainly no slouch and I have nothing to complain about for the price. Highly recommended!
- Anthony K.

Crystal Clear Flat Sound
Gary & Rick at Vanatoo have done a fantastic job of packing a big punch into their small (but not too small) Transparent Zero speakers. The crystal clear flat sound is perfect for doing audio clean-up work and mixing for video. They were an excellent choice for my company, and I'm happy to recommend them here.
- Black S.

Good fit for my needs and expectations
I've long wanted to have better (more accurate and less muddy) sound in my living room without having to have a huge complicated stack of a equipment. After a lot of internal debate I decided to give the Transparent Zero a shot and I've been happy with it and have no regrets (especially for the size there aren't many competitors). It's great (and louder than I need) for music, and also seamlessly lets me switch between digital audio inputs and bluetooth, which is all I really needed or wanted. The only thing that's been a problem for my setup is 5.1 and 7.1 input from movies, which comes through significantly too quiet, especially on digital in, which suggests (to me) something somewhere isn't doing an ideal job of downmixing, though not sure which piece in the chain to blame. And even then you can up the volume enough for watching the movie to be pleasant, it's just pretty problematic to switch from "movie volume" to music if you don't remember to turn down the volume. I also have to say that the amount of bass and deep sounding audio that these speakers put out is really impressive (in my opinion anyway) for the size. I'm sure huge bass fanatics will still want a subwoofer, but more acoustic/soft listeners (like me) will probably never feel as though one is even needed. In terms of things that maybe could be better, the UI for making any kind of adjustment is rather esoteric, but you're probably never going to use it more than once or twice, so that's a pretty minor thing overall.
- D.g.

Transparent Zero / Capital Audio Fest
Hi. Your setup at this year's CAF in Rockville, MD was impressive enough that I ordered the Zero's as soon as I got home. Amazing sound for the size, fair price. Flexible for use with computer, receiver, iPhone, etc. That's how I am using - flexibly. I love walking them from place to place in the house.
- Walt R.

Outstanding value
I'm just starting to research great two channel sound. I'm sitting at my desk now with the Transparent Zero's and they sound better than they have any right to at this price.I have speakers that cost a lot more, but I don't ever feel bad sitting at my desk listening to these. When you put these things on a stand, they sound even better. They hold their own well and you will not likely regret your purchase unless you are just looking for a larger speaker.
- David

I've had these on my desk (on isolation stands) for a few months now. I used them without a sub until just last week, though the sub out was calling my name and I finally broke and bought one. I couldn't believe the sound quality and volume that was coming from such a - relatively - small speaker. The passive radiator really works wonders. The bass is deep. The mids are clear and the highs are shimmering without being sibilant. I didn't know little speakers were capable of such things, and I often hear the same from people who sit at my desk and listen. The last person said (and I quote) "This sounds better than our home theater!". I really cannot say enough good things about the quality of the sound. Now that I have a sub attached, I EQ these to be brighter, and of course the sub out controls the crossover from the sub, so you don't have to mess with it. I upgrade to these from some A5's which I sold to my brother, and we both agree that these are a good step up. They also aren't distracting in the design like the A5's were. One small negative is that the speakers go into sleep mode, and over time they seem to be taking longer to wake up as I've had them. I used to have to slide the volume control in windows so it would make the chime noise, and that would wake them. You can allow a song to play and they usually wake up, but sometimes it takes over a minute. I'm using analog instead of optical, usb, rca etc, because my EQ that came with the motherboard (long explanation). The tech support is great, though, so I may just need to call in and find out why. Even with this issue, they are still 5 stars, which should tell you a lot.
- Ronan A.

Superb audio quality
I recentlt bought a pair of the transparent one and I couldn't be happier. For the price, these speakers are quite superb. The clarity of the audio is quite the jump from a previous $100 pair of computer speakers. The low end is shocking for a speaker this size. Everyone I show the speaker to agrees that the bass from such a compact box is startling. That extra oomph at the bottom really brings music to life. The simplicity of the digital amp means these are really the optimal desktop speakers for most. The digital eq adjustments on the back is really the icing on the cake. For a small to medium room, I can't think of a better speaker, especially at this price point.
- Caio F.

Vanatoo Zero
I own a lot of high end equipment including a Linn Turntable and Exposure Amp. I use the Vanatoo Zero speaker to run audio for my TV this is the best value I have found for the dollar in any single piece of audio equipment. The base is solid down to the mid 50's in a room that is 12 x 15. In addition I use them for Spofify streaming. I have taken them on the road several times for traveling and used them in hotels since they are portable. For the price point they are a great buy
- Neal S.

My Transparent Ones over the last two years
So i’ve owned the Vanatoo T1’s for about 2 years now. The first year i owned them i bought them with the avantree roxa bluetooth receiver and kept them in my room for easy listening. I admire the rich and smooth low end that these speakers reproduce. They make for a very intense and surreal listening experience, especially for the right music. Fast forward to the present day and my speakers are still in tip top shape. I maintain and clean them regularly. I also use the speakers with Pro Tools and Ableton for sound design and post production, and I have to say I am still very pleased with the sound of them. I see the transparent 0’s are now available for purchase and i’m glad that Vanatoo has finally released a more compact and affordable speaker, however, due to the sentimental value of my T1’s I don’t think i’ll be buying them anytime soon.
- Albert S.

Vanatoo Zero
Heard these speakers at Axpona last year and was really impressed. Bought a pair and use them in my kitchen connected to airport express. Didn't have a lot of space and these provide great sound. Can't wait to hear the next new product. Ron Cary, IL
- Ron

T0 beautiful sound quality in an inexpensive and tiny package.
I am using them for my dance studio and listening room. Paired with and older Infinity 12 inch x 300 Watt sub. I host dance parties and I relax and enjoy the sound in this space. Considerably more volume then I would need with 20-30 people in the mid sized room. At the same time clear and detailed sound especially when positioned in the ideal listening position. Using the sub with the 80 Hz cross over point. Typically I don't use the on board DAC unless I am using Bluetooth and it does sound fine my stand alone just sounds like it has slightly more detailed then the on board over USB or bluetooth. While the interface is a little bit confusing the sound quality and compactness makes up for it. If I ever move them to a small space or on a desk that will more then make up for hassle of the complex configuration process. I recommend watching the Z Reviews. He has since touched on other options in the space but note then are all slightly more expensive and typically not the sweet spot for features. Don't have the spl out. Don't have the Bluetooth or USB DAC. So while you might get competitive sound for slightly more you typically loose the complete package. Which for this design is really the win. Would love to hear the T1's but don't think I would want the higher sub cut off. Maybe I wouldn't need the sub at that point realistically. In truth these sound great with out it. They just fill out the room with more umph with it. Quality construction. Slightly odd cable to wire the speakers together. Note you can purchase these online if you search for it. I found a RJ50 coupler and a larger extension. My speakers are mounted at head height and about 10 feet apart for listening facing down. Then about 15 feet apart and more flat for dance events. Never had them over heat even running for 5 hour events at reasonable volume.
- Chris S.

If you are looking for small active speakers (including dac) then these should be on your review list. Easy to setup and a joy to listen to.
- David F.

The Best Desktop Speakers
Simply put, these are the best desktop speakers you can get. I'm a professional musician. I use these to listen for work, for pleasure, for mixing, for gaming. Anybody who listens to these always asks where I put the subwoofer because the bass presentation is so full and impactful. But it is never bloated and doesn't bleed into the mids. The mids, presence region, and highs are crystal clear. I also own some pretty high end Monitor Audio speakers in the living room and I'll put these up against them any day! And these are a quarter of the price! I don't know how they are able to extract such incredible detail from a silk dome tweeter. There must be some witchcraft going on. The one and only con (and it really isn't a con) is that they aren't offering passive speakers. I'd buy those in a heartbeat.
- Phillip T.

Love my Vanatoos!
My search began a couple years ago when my ex wife stole my computer speakers. I decided to get some new ones that would last me for years to come. I'm the kind of guy to research gear ad nauseam because I own a small video production business and want the best I can afford. I ended up narrowing down my search for desktop speakers for my edit bay to just a few options. I ordered the B+W ones first because I found a killer deal on Amazon, the sound was so tiny that I returned them after a couple day break- in period. I emailed Vanatoo and asked them some specific questions and was impressed with the customer service so I decided to order the Transparent One's instead of the Rolands, because of the overall sentiment in reviews I read. I needed something transparent for my video editing... Some of our work is seen by million's of people and I need things to be perfect. I edit a TV show and have done a commercial for an NFL playoff game, regional Honda commercials, etc. I also got a recommendation for a subwoofer from Vanatoo and all I can say is I've been thrilled with my decision and never look back. I have been talking my assistant editor into getting a set for his edit bay because he has to come do his mixing on my setup. They pack an enormous punch for such a small speaker. Highly recommended!!
- Tom S.

Excellent Home Theater Speakers
We have the Transparent One speakers connected to our Mac Mini which is connected to our TV. It's connected via USB and so we can easily control the volume on our bluetooth keyboard. The sound is terrific - a very impressive range for such a small speaker. We don't feel any need for a subwoofer. It's been a great "Home Theater" speaker system for us.
- Bob M.

Absolutely Amazing
Yes, spending over $300 on a pair of speakers is insane. My wife reminds me of this at least once a week. Yes, I should probably regret spending this much money on a pair of speakers. However, I could not be happier with the Vanatoo T0. There is no way to describe how they sound other than just perfect. There is nothing about them that I have an issue with. They are small enough to fit anywhere. They kick out more bass than you would ever need. They get louder than you would ever want. All the while, sounding fantastic and keeping amazing clarity and detail. If you want to hear every single detail loud enough to go deaf, these are the speakers for you. If you want solid speakers for anything whatsoever, these are the speakers for you. The fact that these are so reasonable and have such a small form factor is mind boggling. It is truly magic and I am enjoying these more and more every single day. Well done Vanatoo, you have created a masterpiece.
- Michael G.

like a bottle of fine wine, gettin' better everyday , except
This bottle of acoustical nectar is open, so i drink with the Gods ... Facts: fantastically built, designed, and priced . Imaging is glorious. I have cried in joy and relief listening to old favorites reborn and heard the way music was meant to be heard - Transparently. I am challanged by others' notions that the TO's are limited to standard sized rooms ; At half volume, things in my room start dancing in vibrational entrainment. I live in Brasil, a culture of music and dance. I pre-orderd my Vanatoo's to arrive while visiting the US. Vanatoo owner Rick Kernan personally contacted me to say he would make sure they arrived in time. Unsolicted, he also did some research as to Brazilian voltage compatability. My Vanatoo's arrived ahead of schedule. These guys care because they too are lovers of sound and music, like their smart customers ( pat pat pat on my back ). For my Vanatoo colleagues, I have a recommended vintage that will make your Vanatoos swooN and sMiLe ... ( just a preview, of course lossless download it )
- Lawrence R.

Vanatoo Transparent Ones
These are great speakers! I first heard of Vanatoo on the "No Audiophile" website, and really liked his style, so felt he was honest and straightforward, qualities I admire. I bought blind, based on his review, and have been extremely satisfied, and amazed, actually, at how good these speakers are. The only reason I gave four, rather than five stars, is lack of a remote. I'm aware the Zero's have a remote, so I know you guys can do it. What has impressed me most is the bass and overall great sound. They play as loud as I'll ever want, and sound as good as my KEF LS50's, in a small room (and that's a huge compliment, as I love my KEF's). What I want to see, and would jump on in a minute, is a larger active, or even passive, floorstander, something to challange ATC, and I think you could do it, based on the sound qualities of the T. Ones. I can't wait to hear what you're going to do in 2018.
- Don I.

Perfect high-end computer speaker (for lossless audio and gaming) W/O Subwoofer
I did a lot of research and selected the Transparent One's for my computer. With their internal DAC and Roon (as an audio player) I have a lossless audio path for higher res music files. The speakers are also fantastic for gaming. My goal was to replace my prior speakers with a pair that would have solid bass without a subwoofer (so I wouldn't keep kicking it) and these allowed me to accomplish that goal. The only oddity is that you have to turn up the speaker volume to at least 95% of MAX in order to get usable volume with a computer. It took me some time to figure this out but once set they work correctly and the volume control is now entirely via the volume controls (dial in my case) on the keyboard.
- Derek K.

A satisfied customer (V zero)
Everything rosy for me. The zeroes are part of high quality pc audio system comprising of a PC and dac from Chinese smsl (for bitperfection of my high res and dsd files). The zeroes replaced the american audience one speakers and I havent missed them a bit. I had to import them from USA to Europe so the price doubled so I d wish you set up a european distribution network. But I understand you are a small company, so everything is forgiven. Thank you.
- Andrei L.

Great Speakers
I purchased my Vanatoo One speakers a few years ago and have enjoyed them immensely since then. The ability to connect them to either digital or analog sources without an additional DAC is pretty cool. The sound quality is great and the quality of the customer service is incomparable. I had a question about the speakers, emailed Vanatoo, and got an immediate response, although the responding party was out of the country, at a convention. After a couple of years with the Vanatoos, I am very happy with them.
- Lynn W.

Makes a (lot) of difference
Ok, so you can call me a moderate audiofile: I do have some mid-level equipment, $300 headphones, $200 headphone amplifiers... but not higher. I am not reading obsessively audio equipment reviews - but I can read them if I am in a market for something. And as many other people, most of my music listening happens at the computer while working - and, as you can guess, this is not set up as an audio listener's haven, with wall treatment, etc. It is just a computer desk, with a 27 inch monitor, and a glass top. So if you happen to be a an audiofile, you will need to read different reviews of the Transparent Zeros, but maybe there are people who are in a similar situations than me. I bought these speakers to replace the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 (where after 10 years of service, the subwoofer fried out). I cross-shopped them with the JLB LSR305, as well as with other computer speaker setups. So, let us see the experiences, in question / answer form: 1. Installation, looks, convenience?: For my setup, installation consisted on opening the box, putting the speakers on the provided pads on the two sides of the monitor, and plugging the USB cable in the computer. The pads make a difference in eliminating the resonance compared to putting the speakers on the glass. More sophisticated stands might make a further difference, but not at the moderate listening levels implied by working at the computer, with the speakers on the two sides of the monitor. The speakers are small, do not appear ostentatious, do not get on the way of the desk space. 2. Sound?: The word "Transparent" reflects the sound of the speakers quite well. I would also call it "effortless". They give an immediacy of the listening experience, which is quite obvious when coming from the Klipsch, and is more comparable with listening to the earphones. One can clearly hear the stereo separation. I did not found sound adjustment necessary: one can trust the speakers to convey the wishes of the sound engineer who mixed the music. 3. Bass?: One figures that the two small speakers on top of the table would not shake the floor with bass, and that's true. However, from a practical point of view, I hear more "usable" bass from these speakers in front of me at moderate sound levels, than from the subwoofer that used to sit under the table. You can connect a subwoofer, but I won't. 4. Are the differences noticeable? Yes. The improvement from my previous setup is immediate, noticeable by me, family, and casual visitors. They remark on the quality of the sound, at very moderate sound levels, without seeing the speakers etc. 5. Are they worth the money? If you are listening to music at the computer, I would say, absolutely. They stay out of the way, they provide an ongoing pleasure (hopefully for many years). Again, it is possible that other speakers in similar price ranges provide similarly good sound, but one might want to consider that they can be quite bigger, and more hassle to set up as computer speakers. Caveats: -I did not configure them for different inputs. -The room is 230 sq ft. For very large rooms, and different listening setups, a larger speaker might win out. -The sound is "transparent" - if I understand correctly what the designers wanted is to convey the intent of the original sound engineer. If you prefer your sound "colored", these might not be the speakers for you. -There might be the better choices for gaming, movies with lot of explosions etc., at least without an external woofer.
- Lotzi B.

Great sound in a compact design. Perfect from Chomecast Audio
The Transparent Zeros are the perfect Chromecast speakers. Full sound in a sleek compact design. Crystal clear sound reproduction. I purchased mine as soon as they became available so I have had them for 8 months or so. Great speakers.
- Chris H.

Love them
Great looking, great sounding & nice size for desks. Connectivity options are useful. Definitely recommend
- Brian

the best
hello.I have over the years I have several computer speakers.The vanatoos are the best.You could make these with proper stands into a very good hifi system.Thanks Larry
- Lawrence L.

Vanatoo Transparent redefine what small affordable loudspeakers can do!
I have two Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers, one set in my bedroom and another set in an upstairs bedroom used as an office/TV room. Both are wall mounted using an inexpensive kit from Amazon. In the bedroom I listen to mostly evening local jazz programming, the upstairs is for the TV and Sirrius satellite stations. I love having the internal amp, which made set-up and connections easy as well as having built in conversion for digital and analog signals. These speakers produce accurate base and do not have the usual upper base emphasis that most small speakers have - amazing bass for their size! The rest of the range is smooth with no noticeable irregularities or harshness. These are non-fatiguing speakers that can be listened to for hours and disappear from their locations. Sound is very real. These will not replace my large speakers in the living room, but cost only 1/10 as much! Great bargain and may be all many people need. Do use better cables for your sound source. The sound will improve dramatically by using good analog and digital interconnect cables. The supplied cables are just to get started until the speakers are fully broken in, which will take a couple weeks or more.
- Michael G.

The Ones
I love the Vanatoo Ones especially for music What I’d like to see are speakers made especially for Home theater with better power output I’m sure they would be spectacular if they were Vanatoo made
- Wilfredo R.

Loving my Vanatoo Transparent Zero Desktop Speakers
I was really impressed when I went into Vanatoo's exhibit room at Capital Audiofest. They were showing both their Transparent One and Transparent Zero speakers. I'd heard the Transparent Ones before, but it was my first time listening to the Transparent Zeros. After speaking with their salesperson, I decided that I'd order a pair. I've had them in my office for the past few months now. I absolutely love them. The amount of bass I get out of these little speakers is amazing. The mids and highs are crisp and clear, too. What I like most, though, is their shape. Because they "lean back," my ears are right in the sweet spot. I get perfect stereo imaging without any veiling. They're ideal. As for the downside, I wish the volume knob was on the front panel. But that is seriously nit-picky.
- Mark G.

Excellent Speakers
I purchased a pair of the Transparent One speakers about a year ago. I am extremely pleased with them. No coloration of the music, very clear & great base for the size. Love'em
- Jim

So happy!
I bought my Vanatoo Transparent Ones several months back. I am not what you would call an audiophile, but I enjoy great sound. I have been nothing short of thrilled with these speakers. I recently added a subwoofer because a friend had one that he no longer needed and the difference is noticeable and nice, but I could easily take it away and not miss it. If you are into really heavy bass music, yes, you will want to add a subwoofer. Otherwise, you don't need one. I use mine as computer speakers. They are used for YouTube videos, music, etc., and they are just awesome. I did get some yoga blocks from Amazon and I use those as speaker stands to get them up to ear level. I like being in the sweet spot. When you are as close as computer speakers are, the sweet spot is smaller and getting them aimed properly is important. From across the room, not so much. I had a couple of questions in the beginning. I sent an email and got a response back in less than an hour. They look great. They sound great. Would I buy them again? Absolutely!
- Wilson P.

Vanatoo Transparent One
I absolutely love my T1's. They are so versatile and sound fantastic. The amount of inputs they can handle is impressive. I have them paired with an SVS sub which really isn't necessary as these get low all on their own. Admittedly I am a little over the top. I have 3 PCS and an Echo dot going through these and it is awesome! I literally can't think of one negative thing to say. The customer service is amazing as well. I have bounced a few emails back and forth and get personal responses from Gary. Such a nice guy! Please support this brand as you will not regret it. These guys make outstanding products and back it with service.
- James

Best speaker’s
I’m 100% happy!
- Mike C.

My T0's are the best!
I'm really enjoying them in my office. I've had other computer speakers, but haven't really liked them. I love the T0's.
- Gavin F.

I had the opportunity to try out these speakers as near field monitors and keyboard practice speakers. These compact speakers put out plenty of sound and some thought was put into the design as far as audio connections are concerned, making them versatile in most applications.
- Paul G., Seattle, Wa

These speakers shine like no other. I'd buy these again in a heart beat. Best $500 ever spent.
- Shri G., New York, NY

With these speakers I can input analog and digital input, Bluetooth or direct. And the sound is great. Not heavy on the base, but just right. Well balanced and perfect for our space. And now family and visitors can play their own music from laptops, iPads, smart phones and music players.
- Thomas P., West Des Moines, IA

Bottom Line - Great speakers at a reasonable price. The Vanatoo Transparent One speaker is the result of two talented and dedicated engineers following their great passion, without bean-counters interfering. Best speakers under $750 - $1,000. The market place should embrace and support products...
- Russ. H, Livermore, CA

I had listened to a variety of speakers and then carefully studied internet reviews of speakers and comparisons of speakers for weeks before ordering the Vanatoos. I'm keeping them, and am very happy with my choice.
- Gary M., Dover, NH

I never did get a chance to listen to the polk audio Woodbourne but did listen to the klipsch kmc 3 and in comparison the t1's sound way better IMO. Just to add, portability was not an issue just the sound quality, The klipsch is great for that. I highly recommend these speakers!
- Dennis J., Hawthorne, NJ

These Vanatoo Transparent One's are, by far, the best powered speakers on the market today. The bass and balance on these speakers are incredible. These are very hard to beat at their price!
- Anthony R., Port St. Luvie, FL

The design of these speakers are amazing and the smaller compact size is even more amazing consider the loudness and sound quality they produce. They can be used as desktop speakers but they can certainly fill a large room.
- Chris D., Ashburn, VA

A sign of good craftsmanship is not just getting the basics right, its spending time on the little details. You can tell the designers put a lot of love and care into making these and considered the use cases closely.
- Nick P., San Francisco, CA

Shipped and arrived promptly. Well packaged. Extremely heavy compact nice looking speakers with remarkably good sound quality. Easy set up, great connectivity options. Gave a dedicated 2 hours to listening to variety of music (Temptations, Modest Mouse, The National, Vampire Weekend, Bon Iver, Pink...
- Peter A., Kailua, HI

These are incredible. Absolutely incredible. Right out of the box, before burn in, without acoustic isolators, only 4 feet apart, no subwoofer, and they sound incredible.
- Diesel

These speakers (once a little broken in) will definitely challenge what you thought was possible from such a small cabinet!!! Read about speaker placement and invest in good stands! Try to take advantage of the digital input options, and be prepared to beam with pride!!!!!
- Reynard A, Clearwater, FL

The build quality is solid and it is apparent, as others have mentioned, that the speaker design was extremely well thought out; especially for varying room conditions and digital media. You won't believe your ears!
- JF, Naples, FL

I have had these speakers for a week and been letting them burn in the whole time. It's almost as if I didn't need to, the sound is that good. I use a sonos system for this particular pair and the sound is beyond my expectations. The Vanatoos One is clear, conscise and the sound lively. How they...
- Corey H., Fairfax, VA

I was happy with my Creative T12 speakers for my pc desktop. They are fine little speakers. But I wondered if I could get better in a desktop/bookshelf size speaker. So I read the reviews and took a chance on Vanatoo. I mean, these are 3X the money of the other well-rated pc desktop speakers. Dear...
- Glenn A., La Crescenta, CA

Details in my music come out that i've never noticed before, Its so obvious of a change/improvement It's worth writing a review to boast the quality of these Vanatoo T1's. You simply cannot go wrong with the purchase of them, they are perfect for a wide range of uses from computer gaming, HIFI,...
- Tim C., Bothell, WA

I use these every morning to listen to music while I get ready, and since I live in an apartment complex, it is important to me to have amazing quality sound even at low volumes. These speakers are perfect for this. I also use these to preview music that I have recorded and they give you a very...
- Conner M., San Louis Obispo, CA

I am a life-long audiophile and these are VERY good speakers. Nice design... all-in-one with DAC, amps and various digital inputs with automatic switching make this an absolutely amazing package, especially for the price.
- Gene K., Amherst, OH

They don't seem to get hot and are small enough to place just about anywhere. The auto source switching is very nice. After two weeks in the dorm, the comment was, "they have a warmth I'm not used to, it's great, great for a small room."
- Desmo

I love this product! The sound quality is brilliant. The speakers perfectly fill my living room in my small apartment and bring color and texture to every note of music that is played through them!
- Jeffrey F, Reno, NV

I received my Vanatoo a few days ago and I am delighted. Just now realize what I have been missing all that time with my Bose dock: great sound precision and clarity. Not only these speakers are extremely versatile (plug any source to it... they have the input for it!) but the Bass are also very...
- Fred B., New York, NY

I don't post a lot of reviews on Amazon. But I LOVE THESE SPEAKERS! Every time I listen to them I am reminded of how happy they make me. If you have speakers attached to your computer and you listen to music on them, buy these speakers!
- Stephen K., Bayside, NY

The two pairs' sound seemed similar, but there was more harmonic detail on the Vanatoos. The music was a bit more lively and the highs were more extended. We ran through the comparison set. Then someone asked to turn the volume up, and on went some cuts from Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense. We...
- Michael M., Salem, OR

Side by side against the Audio Engine's, there's simply no comparison whatsoever. Extraordinary bass, pinpoint imaging, and sparkly highs. As for inputs and features (including bass and treble controls!), they provide versatility beyond anything available at this price.
- Stereoman, Los Angeles, CA

The sound is spectacular (clarity, separation on tracks, range) on the different types of music (acoustic guitar, classical, rock) that I've tried streaming from the AppleTV (via iTunes Match, or AirPlay). The Xbox games and streaming video over the console also have great sound. I like the...
- BB13, Bellevue, WA

Well, in mid April 2013, we finally gave in and got the Vanatoos. The AEs are now in our son's room. He is pleased but we are delighted!
- Anthony L., West Seattle, WA

Sound quality is without question the best I have ever heard in a near-field listening environment on my PC. The rear bass radiator design offers a stunning level of tight bass for a speaker of this size. I mean wow! It feels like throughout quality. The weight feels substantial. The cherry wood...
- Les K., Millbrae, CA

As other reviewers mention, the overall sound quality is awesome for such a small package. You don't need to be an audiophile to recongize the difference in clarity and range compared to other desktop or bookshelf speakers. The Transparent Ones do an impressive job of handling different types of...
- Shawn H, Woodinville, WA

Within minutes after opening the box, I had a fully wireless system controlled through my iPhone (via Apple TV). No setup, passwords or fuss. The connection options and built-in amplifier completely eliminates the need for a stereo, making my audio system truly transparent. The sound quality and...
- Randall S., Spokane, WA

So I am a minimalist. I do not want to buy a set of hi-fi speakers, a DAC, an amplifier, yadda yadda yadda. I want my room to have a clean minimalistic look, and not have to have a power strip to accommodate for all the audio crap an audiophile would typically have. These speakers are hooked up to...
- Ryan O., Elkridge, MD

Love, love, love these speakers! They were incredibly quick and easy to set up and the quality of the sound coming from these speakers is amazing! I connected the speakers via a Mini-TOSLINK to TOSLINK connection to an Airport Express and use the speakers wirelessly to stream music and/or control...
- Sarah W., Los Gatos, CA

Firstly, I was amazed when everything played properly the first time! Secondly, I was struck by the quality of the sound coming from the speakers. I picked Adelle's "Someone Like You" (it was my wife's iPod, OK ?!), selected the proper interface over which to play (in this case, my AE Hub) and I...
- Reese F., Essex Junction, VT

I was very impressed with all levels of tonal reproduction (highs, midrange, and bass). As mentioned in the article you won't get over the top bass from a speaker this small but I did hook up my high quality Velodyne 10 inch sub-woofer and it not only worked flawlessly (regarding auto cross-over...
- Ed C., Santa Cruz, CA

I really enjoy listening to clear, clean music, and it seems you have to pay thousands of dollars to get that level of fidelity in speakers these days. With the Transparent One speakers, you not only get the clarity and precision of high-end speakers, you get it in a very compact, affordable,...
- Mark L., Normandy Park, WA