Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Speaker Software

Looking for additional help from Vanatoo?

Welcome to the Transparent One Encore software download page. The software that came in your T1E speakers represented our best effort at the time your speakers were produced. The T1E is unique among speakers in its class in that it features user installable software. As new features or bug fixes become available we will post them here so that your speakers will continue to reflect the best of Vanatoo in the future!

How to check the Current Version

The T1E uses a "flash pattern" of both the blue LED on the rear of the speaker and the amber LED on the front of the speaker to identify the software that is installed. The current version that is installed in the speakers can be checked by reloading the speaker's factory defaults. Note that doing so will reset any customized settings that the user has set in the speakers (previously paired Bluetooth devices, Sleep settings, etc.).

  • Turn off the active speaker.
  • Unplug all inputs to the active speaker.
  • Set the Volume, Bass, and Treble knobs to their lowest settings (fully counter-clockwise).
  • Set the "L-R" switch to the "L" position.
  • Hold in the "Pair-Prog" button on the active speaker while you turn on the speaker.
  • After about 1 second the blue LED below the Pair-Prog LED will come on. Release the button.
  • The blue LED will flash 3 times, indicating that the software has been reset to its default settings.
  • Look at the front of the speaker. The amber LED will flash multiple times. When it finishes flashing look at the back of the speaker. The blue LED will flash multiple times.

The pattern of LED flashes you observe tells you the software version. The pattern you would see with the original 5.12 version would be:

  • 5 flashes of the front amber LED ( The "5" in 5.12)
  • A brief pause and then one more flash of the front amber LED (The ".1" in 5.12)
  • A brief pause and then two flashes of the rear blue LED (The "0.02" in 5.12).

Download Version 5.17 HERE

Version 5.17 of the T1E software contains the bug fix from 5.13 outlined below along with 3 other updates:

  • The tone settings are made persistent through a power cycle. In earlier software, tone control settings made with the remote were not restored to their previous settings when power was cycled. Tone control settings made using the knobs on the back of the speaker were restored after a power cycle. Now both are persistent when power is cycled.
  • The frequency response has been tweaked just a little. We found that the T1E had a little too much off-axis energy in the "Listening Window", along with a slight on-axis dip at the crossover frequency. Parts of the audio band have been changed by ~1.5-2.0dB to adjust for this finding. The intended effect is to make the upper mids a little fuller and the top end a little smoother and less aggressive. The changes should be more apparent in a reverberant room than in the near field or in a very dead room.
  • A new feature is added that allows the user to control subwoofer output level with the Vanatoo remote. Get an attached subwoofer's volume close to right by adjusting the volume knob on the sub, and then dial it in with the remote. This is engaged by hitting "Enable" and then "Fn1" on the remote. The Bass +/- and Mid buttons then control the sub output for the next ~15 seconds.

Download Version 5.13 HERE

The original version of software that shipped in the Transparent One Encore was 5.12. This version is not available for user download as it contains a bug that we feel is too significant to carry forward. The bug was that the speaker did not retain the user's custom tone control setting during sleep. When the speaker woke up from sleep it reset itself to both tone controls' neutral position. Version 5.13 is identical to the original 5.12 version with the exception of this bug fix.