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I was very pleased and I could live with these. This is a great setup… Very impressed, easy recommendation. – cheapaudioman, YouTube

Makes consumption of media and video games very pleasing… Other companies should have been able to catch up with what these are able to do… But to be quite honest, they haven’t. – Joshua Valour, YouTube

$450 AUDIO LIFE HACK!!! – Vanatoo Zero+ INSANE – ABX Audiophile, YouTube

Wow…. honestly, wow! A stunningly impressive tiny package that took me by surprise – Kelley , ABX Audiophiles

One of the best sound systems I have heard, probably under $2,000 – ABX Audiophile, YouTube

The bass really shines on these speakers, as does the imaging – Kelley , ABX Audiophiles

I would call these music lovers speakers because they get the music where it needs to be at a level of quality never previously attainable in such a compact and elegant package. In fact, this pair will not return to Vanatoo and will reside in my kitchen for my wife and family to enjoy and fight over. I sense many a “Blåtand” battle in the future between my wife and children. – Matthew Clott , Enjoy the Music

Vanatoo T0 (Transparent Zero) Desktop Speaker Review – Joshua Valour, YouTube

“We don’t think that you can find a better-sounding speaker at this price point. They are small and don’t occupy too much space, they can be placed and oriented in different ways, they enable you to connect up to four audio sources (1 analog + 3 digital) and, most importantly, they sound amazing. The kind of depth, clarity, and detail you will get from Vanatoo Transparent Zero is hard to find at this price point and it is almost impossible to get from some other pair of speakers of this size. They absolutely deserve our recommendation.”

James Longman, Audio Reputation

Some of the best desktop speakers you can buy. – Brandon Taylor, YouTube

– Joe N Tell, YouTube

– Rateyoursound, YouTube

Vanatoo Transparent Zero speakers are one of the best small powered speakers on the market. We were quite impressed by the performance, sound quality, versatility, and overall price/quality ratio.Audio Reputation

Because of their wide variety of useful functions, these speakers are an excellent pick for anyone wishing to improve their current stereo systemLiquid Audio

By default the unit has an acute tilt up angle but by reversing that handle, you can level it. I can’t do justice to myriad of features in this speaker from built-in DAC to subwoofer filtering and DSP control for target curve and bass and treble., Audio Science Review

Vanatoo Transparent Zero Review – Possibly the Best Compact Desktop Speakers – Joe N Tell, YouTube

Best Desktop Speakers? – Geezer Reviews, YouTube

Speakers! AudioEngine A2+ vs. Vanatoo Transparent Zero (T0) – Dan King, YouTube

Vanatoo Transparent Zero Powered Speakers review 2022 – Natasha Green, YouTube

Vanatoo Transparent Zero Review – Chris Voss, YouTube

Honest Review, Serious Bass | Vanatoo Transparent Zero – Jai Haze, YouTube

Vanatoo Transparent Zero Speakers: BEST PC SPEAKERS 2018! – Brandon Taylor, YouTube

The Vanatoo Transparent Zero‘s are a real oddity in the high audio space. With no corners seemingly cut, and a crazy price for how good they are, they’re the best desktop speakers you can buy – period. – Joe Rice-Jones, KnowTechie

I loved the sound of these speakers… The Vanatoo T1Es are musical, superbly balanced powered speakers that serve up far more of a meal than you might expect at their price point. – Jason Victor Serinus , Stereophile

I think that possibly the greatest achievement of these speakers is their very well rounded integration of sound, price, and attributes. These are well-made, high-quality, feature-rich speakers that simply sound great. – John Zurek , Positive Feedback

Any listener/budding audiophile with restricted space will find the T1E to be a real blessing when it comes to great performance in small spots… Such price-performance is very worthy of one of my 2022 Brutus Awards. – David Robinson , Positive Feedback Brutus Award Text

Positive Feedback Brutus Award - T1E

Placed on the corner of my desk and near the wall, I was most impressed by the amount of bass out of this speaker. I think it goes deeper than just about any speaker I have tested in its size in the same location. – Amir Majidimehr , Audio Science Review

$600 System that Will Knock You Off Your Feet! Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Powered Speaker Review – Cheapaudioman, YouTube

Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Speaker Review – Audio Science Review, YouTube

Still BEASTS! One Year Later w/ Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (T1E) – Joshua Valor, YouTube

The best Active Speaker Under $1000 – Joshua Valour, YouTube

Review! The Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (T1E) Powered Loudspeaker! – Zero Fidelity, YouTube

Vanatoo T1E Transparent One Encore Review – Studio Reference Grade! – Joe N Tell, YouTube

Vanatoo Transparent One Encore (T1E) Active Speaker Review | Best Bluetooth Speaker Under $1000! – Techno Dad, YouTube

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Vanatoo Transparent One Encore Powered Speakers Review – Chriss Voss, YouTube

When you consider that these are $ 599, come with amplifiers and DAC and an analog line in, with DSP and a remote control, that is a lot of system for the money. I see these doing great as a first audiophile system, a replacement for a soundbar next to a TV or a second system for the office or bedroom. – Bevan Court , TNT Audio

Overall I think Vanatoo has really knocked it out of the park with the Transparent One Encore speakers. They have upped my own personal expectations of what a pair of $599 speakers can sound like. I suppose you could call them benchmark setters. – Adam LaBarge , The Audio Beatnik

I can easily see the Transparent One Encore sitting comfortably under a TV in the family room. Optical out from the TV into the Encore, perhaps a turntable in between (I can dream), and that family- and friend-friendly Bluetooth pairing just begging other people to play along. If your smart TV is smart enough to include Tidal, so much the better seeing as you now have a few million albums on tap. To my mind, this is a compelling picture. – Michael Lavorgna , Twittering Machines

In a crowded field of active desk top speakers, the VANATOO TRANSPARENT ONE ENCORE’s full and clear sound is a great choice for music lovers. Computer monitors? Sure; but the VANATOO TRANSPARENT ONE ENCORES beg to be your “party speakers” in a moderately sized living room. – Jim Milton , Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

Vanatoo T1 Encore – Z Reviews, YouTube

These speakers excel at what Stereophile calls “rhythm’n’pacing”. That is, they are rhythmically fast and “snappy”… The review sample will not be going back (I will buy them). – Michael Fremer, AnalogPlanet

2014 Writers’ Choice Award to the Vanatoo Transparent One – John Acton, Positive Feedback Online

The overall performance envelope possesses true high-end aspirations and exceeds that of any separate amplifier, DAC, and speaker combination that I’m aware of anywhere near its price. – John Acton, Positive Feedback Online

“I started my listening sessions with the Transparent Ones sitting on floor stands, placed on either side of my TV, and connected to my Oppo BDP-95 Blu-ray player’s analog output jacks. I used the BDP-95’s variable analog output to control the speakers’ volume from the player’s remote. Whoa; Daft… – Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac

We were rewarded with music—big and bold and forceful, full-bodied and lovely. I left the room feeling very happy, indeed. – Stephen Mejias, Stereophile

I enjoyed my time with the Transparent One’s. These speakers are thoughtfully designed and pair well with any of a number of streaming solutions that are available out there right now. If you’re looking for a good, compact solution with audiophile quality sound for a satellite system, in a… – Mark Vignola, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity

“The Vanatoo’s standout talent is an ALMIGHTY kick below the waist. They go down loooooow, bro. How low? Vanatoo’s website copy says 49Hz. Proprietary ClearBass™ technology makes this happen: the basics of which are a 5.25” woofer and a rear-firing passive radiator.” “BUT the… – John H. Darko, Digital Audio Review

“One of the truly pleasant surprises for me is that the Vanatoo active speakers are direct digital technology, meaning that the class-D-like amp is also the DAC. This guarantees the shortest signal path between digital source and the speakers, and this enables the speakers to live up to the name… – wgscott, The Ill-Tempered Audiophool, Computer Audiophile

The Vanatoo Transparent One is an interesting specimen. Definitely something you should look into if you are searching for a classier version of an iPod dock, in terms of both aesthetics and sound. – Brian Van Eerden, audio-head

After giving the Transparent One a thorough workout on my own, I got together with two MyMac reviewers. Both reactions were similar on first hearing them—a sharp intake of breath… MyMac Review rating is an enthusiastic 9 out of 10! – Curt Blanchard, Mymac

Regardless of what I play, whether it is throbbing rock, inspirational classics, stimulating jazz, brassy big band, flowing new age or soothing ballads, both instrumentals and vocals are clear, articulate and authentic to the source. These words still seem insufficient to capture my praise,… – Tom Piper, appleJac Mac Users Group

“What would it take to best these speakers in a small bedroom or even small living room setup? Well, a hell of a setup. We are talking about above average speakers with ridiculously designed crossovers, maybe a kit from Zaph Audio. Then you would need the accompanying gear, a very nice balanced DAC… – Reddit’s, noaudiophile