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Vanatoo’s Transparent Zero Plus active speakers are made using the same high quality materials and workmanship that Vanatoo’s products have come to be known for throughout the industry. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs. The integrated bi-amped amplifier ensures ample volume for a desktop or small to medium sized room use. The built-in analog and digital inputs allow you to directly connect to any music source, and the built in Bluetooth interface provides a seamless wireless connection to any phone or laptop computer. The setup flexibility of the Transparent Zero Plus active speakers provide an all-in-one musical solution to virtually any home requirement. The wireless remote control makes use with a TV a breeze, with better performance than a comparably priced soundbar.

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    • True 2-way stereo powered speaker system
    • Bluetooth wireless connection with AAC and aptX-HD
    • Bluetooth radio on/off settings
    • USB and Toslink Optical for Hi-Res up to 96kHz/24bit
    • Analog mini-jack input
    • Full-featured remote control
    • Quick 2 minute setup with plug-in speaker connections
    • Auto input switching with Digital Silence Detection™
    • Reversible design for desktop or in-room use
    • Vanatoo ClearBass™ Technology
    • Volume, bass and treble controls
    • Subwoofer output with AutoSense and Remote Level Control
    • 9mm wood cabinets with satin black finish
    • Low power sleep mode (<0.5W)
    • Best in class bass extension and full-range response
    • Magnetically attached grills
    • 3 year warranty
    • Customizable configurations: LED brightness, bass response, subwoofer crossover and level, amp limiters, mono mode, sleep settings, Enable key function


Killer Sound Quality

The first question with any audio product should be “Does it sound great?”. If not, why bother. The first question when hearing the Transparent Zero Plus is “How’d they do that?” The T0+ brings audiophile sensibilities to small, affordable, and convenient everyday use. Great bass, clear mids, sparkling highs, holographic imaging, and amazing dispersion are the magic behind the experience.

USB, Toslink Optical, and Analog Inputs

Connect the Transparent Zero Plus to your computer with the included USB cable, skipping the computer’s often troublesome and noisy sound card. Or connect to the Toslink optical input for the best possible noise isolation and nearly unlimited cable length (Toslink optical cable not included). USB and Toslink both support Hi-Res audio up to 96kHz/24bit. The analog input allows direct connection to your phone, phono preamp, or other device. The multiple connections give you flexibility while ensuring an obsolete-proof design. Purchase knowing you have years of happy listening ahead.

Bluetooth Wireless with AAC and aptX-HD

Bluetooth is the standard for wireless streaming from your handheld or computer. Native support for the AAC codec means near-CD quality form your Apple devices, while apt-HD assures the same for Android users. Listen to your favorite artists from Amazon Prime, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, or any of the hundreds of choices at your fingertips. Connecting is a breeze thanks to the Bluetooth control buttons on the wireless remote.
In addition to the improved sound quality, we’ve added one of the your most requested Bluetooth features to the Transparent Zero Plus. You can now turn the Bluetooth radio on/off. This allows for use in secure offices where no radios are allowed. The option to pair to the speakers is now broadcast for only 2 minutes when you request it, minimizing the chances of a neighbor connecting and unexpectedly blasting you out! Your music, your way.

Full-Featured Remote Control

Take control of your music with the Transparent Zero Plus full-featured wireless remote control. Select the source you want to listen to, set the volume, adjust the bass and treble, adjust the subwoofer output level, or put the speakers into Bluetooth pairing mode, all from the comfort of your favorite listening position. The remote control makes the T0+ the ideal addition to a TV, with much better performance than competing soundbars.

ClearBass™ Technology

Vanatoo ClearBass™ technology enables the Transparent Zero Plus to reproduce lower bass than virtually any other speakers their size, producing the warm, rich low notes as they were intended to be played by the artist. To accomplish this in such a small space, ClearBass™ employs a custom aluminum cone woofer with under hung voice coil, a long stroke passive radiator, bi-amped 48 W per channel high efficiency amplifier, and a 24 bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor), all optimized together as one integrated system to provide in-room frequency response from 56Hz to 20KHz. There is no “mid bass hump” or other gimmicks common to small speakers. The result is full range sound that is unprecedented from such a small system.


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