AES White Paper - Bass Reflex Performance Envelope

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Gary Gesellchen was invited to be the guest speaker at the March 2020 meeting of the Pacific Northwest Section of the Audio Engineering Society. When he asked what the AES wanted him to talk about he was told "You're an interesting guy, you'll think of something!"  Geez, talk about pressure!

Gary's response was to write a White Paper, building on work he did during the design of the Transparent Zero and Transparent One Encore. The fundamental questions around bass design in speakers are how low will it play, how loud will it play, how big is the box, and how much power does it take. The White Paper takes a novel approach to answering these questions. The results allow the user to home in on the answer to these questions in just a few minutes. This process can take hours of trial and error with more traditional approaches.

The presentation of the paper to the local AES was very well received. The White Paper, associated Excel spreadsheets, and the original PowerPoint presentation are included in the downloadable zip file.

Download the White Paper HERE