USB Setup For Microsoft Windows XP®

USB Setup For Microsoft Windows XP®

  1. On the Windows desktop, click on the Windows Start Menu icon  and select ‘Control Panel’ from the menu.
  2. Click on ‘Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices’.


  3. Click on ‘Change the speaker settings’ under ‘Pick a task…’.


  4. Select the ‘Audio’ tab in the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices Properties’ window.


  5. In the ‘Sound playback’ section, under ‘Default device’, click on the drop down menu and select ‘Vanatoo’. Make sure that your computer sound card is listed as the default device in the in the ‘Sound recording’ section, as the Vanatoo Transparent One speakers cannot record.
  6. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button in the ‘Sound playback’ section.
  7. On the ‘Speakers’ tab of the Advanced Audio Properties window, select ‘Monitor stand stereo speakers’ from the pull down menu.


  8. Select the ‘Performance’ tab of the Advanced Audio Properties window, and make sure the ‘Hardware acceleration’ is set to ‘Full’ and the ‘Sample rate conversion quality’ is set to ‘Best’. Click ‘OK’.


  9. Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Advanced Audio Properties’ window.
  10. Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Sounds and Audio Devices Properties’ window to complete the setup.